Why you should invest in Portugal?

The real estate market is an excellent source of income, with a multitude of purposes. In order to optimize the return of this type of asset, it is important to surround yourself with the best professionals.
Whether it’s private or business, and whether you have land, a building to rebuild or a project to sell, learn how you can maximize your value proposition through our Real Estate Investment Development Department.
The Golden Phoenix offers a team of consultants, led since September 2020, by João António Carvalho, MBA, Real Estate Developer and Project Manager, with recognized work and experience in the area of Investments, Management and Real Estate Consulting for more than 40 years. Supported by the high know-how and expertise of the team, our client will have personalized and continuous advice in which we guarantee access to all the information he needs, from the analysis of economic and financial viability, with presentation of Cash Flow and Feasibility, in addition to benchmarking of real estate analysis, value chain and strategy, legal and fiscal advice, project management and work supervision and mediation of contacts with national and international private equity entities, banks and other financial institutions, among many others.
The main mission of the Real Estate Investment Development department is to distribute the fair profit to all stakeholders involved in the real estate process. We believe that the satisfaction of all the elements present in this ecosystem is the key to achieving a successful business.
Services provided by the Investment Development Department:
• Team with know-how and expertise in large projects in Portugal
• Real Estate Management Services
• Project Management
• Property Management
• Architecture and construction project management
• Investment management
• Investment Hunter
• Tax Planning and Tax Consulting Services
• Legal and Legal Consulting Services
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